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A busy week!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Beautiful weather, ideal to indulge in some outdoor photos! Rita & Ivy I know won't say no to stripping off & our newbie Jess isn't one to shy away from something different. I found a few places on my travels the last few days that pricked my attention. Guys thanks for all the lovely feedback, it's really appreciated & it does get passed on to the team even if I don't have time to put it up.

Don't do what I did today & use Nuru oil to slather in before going for a walk.. I'm quite pink. I can recommend a Nuru for AFTER enjoying the sun however. Organic Sweet Almond oil is incredibly nourishing & ideal for making the most of your UK tan! 😎 Lucy & Rita can oblige today, thurs, fri & sat with that. Xx

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