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A little advice please?

Sooooo, firstly thanks to those of you who we have built a rapport over the years & the support, encouragement & appreciation you have shown our little group over the last 5yrs! As many of you know I'm certainly fair & will always listen to helpful advice & be open to learning (only very silly people think they have nothing to learn) I believe in holding ones hands up when you make a boo boo & having regular evaluations on how to constantly improve.

Now I know its impossible to keep everyone happy all of the time. I'd like anyone's thoughts on how I handle a situation from today. A client who has been plenty of times & seen a fair few of team has messaged some demands. Regardless of who he's seen he's picked fault & requested i "do something to resolve" his last winge. After a dig at Lexi, Lucy & Roxy, Simone was then on the shitlist. He messaged saying he'd only got 30min & paid 60min. I was floored as Simone tends to go OVER on time if anything! Perplexed but keen to establish the facts I requested Simon contact me when we are reopening & I'd sort it out then. Transpires he had his hour but felt more could have been done in the time & now he WANTS a discount booking with Simone.

Happy to share the chat for everyone to read the threat of now leaving nasty feedback because I said Simone does not want to book someone who was so unhappy with her he felt the need to raise it with me & then demand a discount.

Those of you who know me well know I'm fair & our team are a genuine & playful group who certainly don't deserve or tolerate bullying & threats like this!


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