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Adriana & Paige duos tonight! ...Simone & Lucy available atm if you're needing a lift?

One encounter with a 10/10 is something to tell your friends about & repeat as often as your bank balance will allow.. an encounter with 2 10/10s is incredibly rare & worth cancelling any other plans to enjoy. Paige inadvertently booked the wrong date for her train (when you're as stunning inside & out as she is though, quickly forgiven!)yesterday so she's arriving 4.30pm & staying until Tues morn. Adriana is in from 6pm this eve. Lucy & Simone are in atm guys so spoled for choice with sassy, sexy sirens! 😍 if you have any particular requests you'd like to ask girls direct you can reach on apartment line & I'm happy to get your session arranged on other.

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