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All About Elle!

Updated: Jun 11

Hi everyone

So  Elle1980 is definately back in the swing of things after today. Top form restored. She's delicious you know 😋 in every way. Totally unshockable and worth every last penny. You'll be staggering out by the time she's finished with you xx

Available from 10am-6pm Provided you are keeping her busy or if she has pre bookings!

To book with Elle directly it's: 07776628053

Please note there has been some confusion around Elle's AW. There is a Fake account being used be someone. The link to Elle's correct account is above and her direct number is also the one above. This has caused some confusion this week understandably. Appologies for any inconvenience. Now Elle knows about it she has reported it. In the mean time all the info you really need in above on this blog. Keep coming back for updates throughout the week.

It's also worth mentioning that Apsara is going to be around from tomorrow (Wednesday) till Friday. Her time, generally speaking, goes really really fast, it might have something to do with her seeming lack of any gag reflex at all. If you know what I mean 😉

Pre booking is certainly advised and encouraged.

To book with Apsara directly it's : 07782133835

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1 Comment

Wow, to be confident about your own body and nudity, is a massive turn on, you’ve got, then go and flaunt it! Beautiful.

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