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Amended availability

Ooooh guess what? Chanelle is back on thurs gentlemen! She's only in for a few hours 4.30-8ish on Thursday this week so I'd be quick if you want to enjoy some xrated fun with our sweet golden girl!

Thurs Aira 10-3/4pm Angel 10-3/4pm Leoni 3-9.30pm Chanelle 4.30pm-8ish

Fri Olivia 10-4pm, Simone 12-6pm, Blue 4-10pm

Sat Olivia 10-4pm Blue 3-9.30/10pm Leoni 4-11pm

Sun Aira 12-5pm Erin 5-11pm

(Erin may possibly be in fri from 6pm also)

Thanks guys xx

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