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Apsara, our Heavenly Nymph & pre booking for Thursday!

Hi guys

So by popular demand the wonderful Apsara is back in the apartment today (Wednesday)

The phone has literally not stopped calling since last week, and the emails too (sorry I don't seem to be able to reply to them for some reason at the moment).

Anyway, She's back, for 3 days! then she'll be off doing wonderful magical things in real life again! So if you want to see her you better get on the phone... fast!

Remember boys, she's basically got 0 gag reflex! don't believe us, she'll happily demonstrate. Apsara is naturally submissive and is happy for you to 'be in control' (don't take the piss though) or she can offer a more classic 'girlfriend experience' if you so desire!

Apsara is also more than happy to spend time with ladies too... we wouldn't want you to feel left out! x

So get in touch directly with Apsara on: 07782133835.

After the issues with Elle over the past few days, beware of imitations!

On a 'pre booking' note, Our new Girl Teagan will be back in Tomorrow (Thursday). She was extremely popular, and we can all see why, so to avoid disappointment if you know you'll be available on Thursday, give her a call today to pre book some time with her!

To book with Teagan directly it's: 07518125178

Remember she's 'kinky and fetish friendly'

Have fun everyone

Em x

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1 opmerking

I wish I had the talent of a 0 gag reflex!

I’ve had all sorts and sizes in my mouth, but never manage to take the full length, always swallow the full load though, best sex activity ever is giving head.

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