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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

So gents got another fantastic week for you this week! Natalia is on holiday for 2 to 3weeks on Sunday so if you're wanting to see her this week before she goes she's in 4days. Aira is back in on Friday & Lucy is also in at the weekend. Olivia, Stephanie & Adriana all in too (availability for Adriana to follow) please be aware that Candi won't be joining our team, after feedback from a couple of you trusted regulars I don't think she's up to what you want. Adriana & Laa Laa however certainly ticked your boxes & I already know how much you love Olivia & Stephanie. 😁xx

Tues Stephanie & Simone

Wed Natalia & Emmy

Thurs Stephanie & Natalia

Fri Aira Stephanie & Emmy

Sat Lucy & Natalia

Sun Lucy & Emmy

Stephanie & Simone will be in from 9.30/45am if you want to reach them direct you can on 07563282776 xx

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