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Do you want to feel my body against yours?

Happy Thursday everyone!

I know it's technically still Wednesday, but only for another 30 min, so....

A leisurely start to the day, unless someone wants to make us an offer we simply cant refuse!

But it'll be worth it.

From 11am We've got the spectacular Simone in the apartment. Anyone who wants the Ultimate Pin Up Girl, look no further. She is simply amazing!

For all you Dom Guys our resident sub Apsara is also available from 11am. She's sexy, she's submissive and according to some of her unreal feedback, she has NO gag reflex!

Last but not least (me) Madame Emmy will also be around from 11am. The North East's Ultimate Dominatrix! If you are one of my regulars then you know all about what I can do, or if there's an itch to be scratched then take a brave pill and book some time with me.

We will also be available for Duo's - how about a Dom / Sub duo even? 1-1 bookings, Nuru, etc. xx

So all you need to do is get in touch and book some time with whoever is gonna float your boat. What a way to start the weekend early! x

We look forward to hearing from you! xx

Remember to keep checking the Calendar for last min changes / bookings and that pre bookings are definitely a thing these days too. So don't be shy... we aren't!

PLEASE remember that being polite, discreet and courteous to our neighbors is the single most important thing you need to remember, particularly early in the morning and late at night!

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