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Early Christmas Present for you!

Hi Guys.

So, we told you there would be some Christmas surprises.... well today we have the one and only Laa Laa available for a pre Christmas tour in Durham! We're not entirely sure how long she's going to be about, but clearly if she has loads of bookings then she is likely to stay around longer... But she's definately in the apartment today (Monday) xx

Madame Emmy is also around for all your Dominatrix needs.

There will be other courtesans available but we are just waiting on confirmation as to who is going to be available when and then we'll let you know via the claendar and the blog. As you can appreciate its a busy time of year for people... That said reward yourself for getting sorted or de stress if you can't think of what to buy your loved ones for Christmas. Come and spend some time with us and you'll be relaxed, refreshed and energised!

Don't wait, pick up the phone and make it happen. If there's a particular girl you'd like to see you can always call and ask when she will be available.

We look forward to hearing from you. xx

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