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Festive Arrangements! Please read!! We are available!

Hi Ladies & Gents

Sooo, the arrangements over the next few days... Specifically, Chirstmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing day!

PLEASE contact us on the Apartment Phone ONLY 07563 282776 during this time as the other phone will likely be off and certainly not answered. So you will end up disappointed and we don't want that!

But for those of you who would like some companionship over the next few days, from 10am on the 24th we have....

Paige: our beautiful Mancunian babe who is up on tour over the festive period!

Lucy: Check out this blog and come and unwrap her. WOW!

Jessica: The Geordie fire cracker, if you've not spent time with Jessica before, you should, she's unforgettable!

Letisha: Dark, mysterious and absolutely gorgeous. Always up for a coffee & cream duo too!

On Christmas day it's self, that's right, nobody needs to be 'lonely this Christmas' we have...

Paige & Letisha both available!

Last but not least, Boxing day, for that recovery after Christmas day if required, or to forget a bad result at the football, or just for some different company we have...

Paige & Jessica available for whatever you desire!

So that's quite the line up, don't you agree?

Remember please call the APARTMENT PHONE on 07563 282776 to make a booking and pre booking, as ever is ALWAYS required.

Don't be shy and advanced bookings are always welcome, but it will not go down well if it's a no show or last min cancellation, especially over the festive period.

Have fun guys, we know we will hehe xxx

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