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Friday it's Friday, gotta get down on Friday!!!!

Updated: Jun 3

Hi everyone.

It's Friday, it's pay day! (Isn't there always too much month left at the end of the money these days?)

So we've got a really HOT line up for you today.

The ever popular, sexy and exquisite Elle1980 is back in, continuing her tour back in the North East for a limited time, she'll be gone again before you know it, so don't miss out!

Elle really does offer the lot and, well just look at her mmmmm, I know I definitely WOULD tap that.... all day, if there was only time! x

To book with Elle directly it's: +44 (0) 7776628053 But you can also ring the website number 07703 187605

The North East's Hottest Blonde is also back from 1pm till late, she might just remember to bring some cloths (sexy ones of course) this time, but no promises. It's a hard life, but Jessica will ALWAYS come through and make you leave feeling fantastic with a grin on your face. She's got all the skills and the banter too!

Last but by no means least the Blonde bombshell the super sexy girl next door, with a very naughty side, Hayley will also be in the apartment from 2pm until early afternoon on Saturday. She'll be available for late night shenanigans and she'll be available for PRE BOOKED early bird specials. What a way to get the day started, Hayley really is electric!

We are a group of individuals working for ourselves, in the lovely apartment near Durham City Centre. As such each girl is free to set her own prices. Not every girl will be available for the advertised prices all of the time, especially to non regulars. So if in doubt, to avoid any embarrassment please ask for a confirmation of price for your booking on the phone when booking. x

As usual best number to book one of these stunners on is the normal website number:

07703 187605

However should you get into any difficulties:


Hayley can be reached on: +44 (0) 7553 007145

So ladies & gentlemen, form an orderly queue! Oh and don't forget Duos or even a Trio are definitely a thing and definitely available! 🔥There is a slight increase in fee for the Nuru service but it's just to cover costs, call to enquire. xx

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