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Frisky Friday - Update

Updated: Jun 28

Hi everyone.

So It's Friday again! thankfully, and we have two of the very best courtesans for you to be able to come and spend some time with

So, the wonderful minx that is Teagan is available, she's loving spending time in the apartment, everything she needs to entertain you is to hand so you can get lost in her beautiful smile. Once behind closed doors whatever you get up to is entirely up to you, but we're pretty sure you won't be disappointed. xx

Joining her is the stunning Elle1980. She's the dark haired choice to the Blonde of Teagan. Elle1980 is a sophisticated woman who takes great care and delight in looking after her clients. She's very exciting, yet also relaxing and she has a great sense of fun and a wicked sense of humour!

So if either of these 2 minx's appeals to you this Friday, then picky up the phone and be quick about it, to avoid disappointment! x

Good News, Sapphire is also going to be around from tea time for her fans to get in touch with! Don't all rush at once, form an orderly queue x

Please check the Calendar often to see who is going to be around when!

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