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Good News!

After a couple of days dealing with family & in/our of neonatal I'm happy to be able to say our Web designer is starting on our new site today! (Apologies my long hospital stint delayed everything)

This week we do have lots on with sorting & preparation with the hospital & I do appreciate your kind messages & understanding.

Rita & Erin are available today gents (nuru & halfy half bookings avail)

Tues Olivia & Lucy

Wed Olivia 10-4 & Erin 4-10pm

Thurs Chanelle & Lucy (duo & halfy half bookings available inc nuru)

Fri Olivia & Chanelle

Sat Lucy daytime Erin from 4pm

Sun to be conf

I can't wait to get back to some semblance of normality gents. Enjoy!

(Pls remember the apartment phone will only be answered when someone is in & able to! Contact me on 07756390805 if you want to prebook)

Emmy xx

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