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Independent Tours.. escort tailored Air B&B...

As a collective as well as an agency we are geared to offering a choice to the best girls, regardless of which area they are from. I will be adding any details of adultwork profiles for those on our regular rota & also for those who want to come & tour for a night or 3. For girls who want a clean, safe, discreet apartment to entertain can book like an air B&B on a daily rate. I will be putting a calendar up that shows a month ahead & put info & adultwork information of what gorgeous talent will be available 😊

This gives the added benefit to our gents in having a regular influx of newbies to meet. Benefiting independent ladies a place to come that is already established in a great location with additional advertising & access to our wonderful regular guys.

You will be able to reach anyone who's in on the apartment phone as always.

Of course those who want to pop in for half days when they are able will still be doing that.

Our ensuite bathroom is looking good & work on the main bathroom & our amazing new domination bed will certainly give an edge to those who take their playtime seriously 😀

Emmy xx

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