• Emmy xx

Keep Smiling! 😁

Come on guys!!! You ever hear "fix that face!, if the wind changes it will stay like that!"growing up? Yes? No? Either way, don't trip over that bottom lip & add a little fun to your day. All work & no play = very boring day!!

I will endeavour to snap some photos of Aira & Lexi tomorrow to show you that even in one of the coldest months of the year... there are lots of ways to warm up! 😘

Cold extremeties are rather unpleasant, for men & women & for both parties of course! May I recommend the breasts & buttocks as hand warmers... also recommend you ASK 1st! 😬😂

Once I have the DC Snapchat ready I will post info for guys who fancy a little online interaction, sneaky previews of "life behind the scenes", cheeky shower vids, dom/fetish vids & pics + more!

Em & Team xx

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