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Light the blue touch paper and stand back!

Hi guys

So we've had a couple of cancellations today, which is rather disappointing!

BUT that potentially means that if you're in the mood and want a last min booking for a bit of 'relief', you could be in luck!!

At the moment, the Dynamic Blonde Duo of Hayley and Jessica are in the apartment, they are available 1-1 or as a duo, for a variety of services. They are 2 VERY naughty girls and are sure to absolutely rock your world and leave you weak at the knees, with that glow of satisfaction when you leave!

Sound's good, doesn't it? xx

Pick up the phone and make it happen... Don't think, just act, you wouldn't want to miss the opportunity! x

Feedback for Hayley from last night: "Saw Hayley tonight for the first time and will certainly be seeing her soon again........... She's got it all and willing to give it x many thanks Jay xx"

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