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Long week? No fun? Feeling a bit down? Need a pick me up? It's Friday Baby, Start the weekend the best way!

Hi everyone

So Have you had a long... tiring.... unproductive..... week??

We know it can happen to anyone. We have the solution for you!

So what are you choices? will it be one of our amazing courtesans or more? x

So who's available:

The North East's hottest blonde, Jessica is around today and never fails to leave her clients weak at the knees and with a huge, satisfied smile on their face!

Her, sometimes, partner in crime Hayley will be around from 11am. Quite simply she's Electric, full of hidden talents and an absolute joy to look at and be with! She's quite adventurous and isn't afraid to show it! x

The ever sexy Lucy will be sashaying into the apartment from 10am. Honestly if you like a girl with ink, look no further, she's incredible. If you're not too partial to ink, come see Lucy anyway, you'll get lost in her eyes as she does all sorts of unbelievably pleasurable things to you! x

Last but definately not least, out Half Indian Goddess, Sub Apsara is available from 4pm. No holds barred babe for those of you that like to dominate. She can also deepthroat like nobody else. She appears to have no gag reflex whatsoever! don't believe me, well she'll be happy to prove it, if you want to make a booking! xx

1-1, Duo, Trio, Dom, Sub, Nuru.... the list goes on and on.

Gotta get down on Friday and the menu doesn't get any better than this! x

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