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Magic Monday - Apsara is back!

Updated: May 27

Hi guys & gals

So, we are TRYING to keep the calendar up to date with who is in and when, so please keep your eyes peeled. Obviously we will blog about last min changes etc too but it'll really help if you can keep an eye on the calendar for availability!

Ahh Bank Holiday Monday, we'd like a few more of these, who's with us?

Apsara is back in the apartment, she's been getting a lot of inquiries but being the international submissive minx that she is, she just hasn't been available much recently!

She's also away for a decent chunk of June too, so really she has very limited availability.

So if you want to sample our Ultimate Submissive (normal GFE is also available) with the courtesan who seemingly has NO gag reflex at all - all you 'big' guy's come try her if you don't believe us. Honestly it's a super power she has! x

So for all you deviants who have been desperate to sample the beautiful Apsara, she's in Monday and Tuesday of this week - see the Calendar

Oh and as Im sure you've already noticed, Apsara has had some new pics taken, We're not going to show you them all though.... yet, leave you wanting more... Always hehehe xx

Pick up the phone and make it happen! She's bound to be a busy girl!

For bookings / pre bookings please call me (Emmy) on the number above, but O2 still haven't sorted the apartment number, thanks O2, so if you would like to speak to Apsara directly then you can contact her today / tomorrow on: +44 (0) 7782133835

And Hayley who's in tomorrow on: +44 (0) 7553007145

Em xx

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