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Manic Monday - Let us Relax you!

Hi guys and gals.

So after a bit of a hectic end to last week we're back on form today and this week!

Jessica is in the apartment, looking very ooo la la and ready to go.

Later on today, and for the rest of the week Elle and her partner are back 4-12 Monday to Friday. They're back from their holiday looking tanned, toned and are raring to go x

Adriana is also going to be around from 1-9 Thursday, now she's feeling better. That's definitely something to look forward to x

Just waiting on confirmation from the rest of the ladies as to when they will be around.

Oh and on a side note, Madame Emmy is going to be away on holiday herself on Friday for a week! So if you're in the mood for some of what she does, oh so very well, you best get in while you can this week xx

Pick up the phone and make it happen.


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