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Monday Madness

Hi Guys & Gals

Soooo, we've got quite the line up for you on Monday, regardless of what's happening with the weather! Ways to banish the Monday Blues:

Kicking things off Bright and Early - the one and only Adriana is in from 8AM-1PM. She's sexy, funny and absolutely fantastic, so if you fancy a little pick me up on the way to work, orlater in the morning Adriana always leaves people with a smile on their face.

Jessica and Chloe, everyone's favorite BBW will also be around from 11. Duo's anyone, with anyone that's available at the time you book! 😈

Then 3:15 - 10 We have Letisha back for her last day on tour and the one and only Madame Emmy, back from holiday, ready for all your BDSM needs.

So get on the phone and make it happen, we recommend booking early (this evening is fine too) to avoid disappointment.

Looking forward to seeing you! xx

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