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More Excellent Feedback!

How frustrating this is! Especially after doing what was asked & doing a "covid risk assessment" & making £2000 of changes including adding a shower above the bath in one apartment meaning both rooms in one apartment have shower facilities. Re organising every1s checklist after bookings. Hand sanitizer & antibacterial spray each room

Also have a lady who does a deep clean 4x a week, bought us girls different towels & changed half of guys towels & bought new bedding! Plus we have ALWAYS had a strict 48hr rule for anyone who gets a cold & we would hope our clients would exercise the same sense lol! So atm yes technically we are closed but we are a collaboration of independents as well as an agency. Just because we can't organise rota & take apps for the team if you want to get your favourite courtesans work number just call & ask ill pass it over & they can tell u when they are coming in. Also our APARTMENT phone is 07703187605. If anyone is in they will answer.

This is an extremely frustrating situation! All for another coronavirus (common cold) with a 99.97% survival rate. That's just my viewpoint & opinion... for those of us who dare to express them 😂😘

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