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Natalia is back!!

Surprise!! Natalia is back in from 10am-7ish tomorrow with Lucy. Paige is available 9.15-11am & then has a little availability for duos throughout the afternoon & available after 6pm. So you really are spoiled 4 choice!

The Oct temperatures are reliably cooler than we've had in what feels like an age. Nights cutting in, wind & rain getting familiar. Won't be long before we start waking up to pristine frost on a morning. Sliding into bed is often the best thing to do on a "rainy breaktime" 😁

If you want someone to play with?...

Paige, Natalia & Lucy will be around to answer any particular requests on 07563282776 & I can get you booked in with your favourite courtesan/s too on 07703187605.

Brianna is in Fri 10-2pm with Simone now too xx

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