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Ne need to be Lonely this Christmas

Hi guys & gals.

So, if you need to escape the chaos, or simply would like some company over the Christmas period, we've got you covered!

Even on Christmas day there will be availability

Keep and eye on the Calendar that we are trying to keep as up to date as possible (keep checking back in case of any changes).

But as it stands we have quite the line up:

Christmas Eve: Paige, Jessica, Letisha & Lucy are all available! Ohh the possibilities.

Christmas Day: Paige will be available - What a Christmas bonus / treat she would be for anyone!

Boxing Day: Paige, Jessica and Letisha. Unlike the football, you'll get a guaranteed result with these girls!

Call and make an appointment anytime. Over the Christmas period in particular please use the apartment phone number for the most prompt response. 07563 282776

Have fun everyone and Merry Christmas xx

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