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Nearly back up and running!

Hi everyone.

So.... good news, we are getting there x

The bookings phone 07703 187605 is going to be back on from tomorrow! Sadly the apartment phone is going to take a bit longer, thanks O2! lol x

But as we are all individuals and not an agency of any sort, we are going to start Putting the girl's individual AW names on the website in each of their profiles. This might not be available for everyone that uses the apartment and probably the best way to get in touch will still be the DC Numbers as some of the girls also work from other places. We will get back on top of the calendar from next week also. So watch this space. In the mean time, have fun everyone, I know I will be x


Oh I nearly forgot. Both Hayley and Jessica, the dynamic blonde duo, will be in the apartment tomorrow, together or separately, times TBC, call!

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