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New Ensuite, Special rates & rewarding your feedback....

Local lass Erin has just returned from a tour in London & Birmingham & will be a regular feature in Durham. She has had some great feedback on Tues & is back today. Here are a couple of photos I took for you to enjoy. She's in later on. Those of you who booked Erin on the old rates just get in touch & she is happy to let you continue to book at £70 30min!! 😁

I thought that it would be a great idea to reward your kind independent feedback. Anyone who sends us the link to view will be offered £10 off their next visit.

Also those of you who are really tempted to book the girls charging more than our standard rate but are on a budget, we understand. Next week I'll be posting who is going to offer a day of £10 off 30 & 45min apps & what days so if you're curious to book these stunning ladies you can! Even better, those booking on that day will be kept on that rate! 😁 we have always looked after our regular gents & I want you to know how much you're valued & appreciated 🥰

Ashton is in today myself & Erin later xx


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