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Oh Adriana! Thursday evening & Friday morning!

Hello everyone.

So A slight change of plans for today and tomorrow.

Sadly due to a family emergency Simone has had to leave today. But Adriana has been so popular, she's decided to stay the night! So there you are guys, she's available till late tonight as a bonus for you AND she's going to do what was going to be my morning slot tomorrow (friday). So if any of you highly successful business men want to see this absolute hottie on your way to work, to start the day in the best possible way please get in touch. PRE BOOKINGS are essential but Adriana will absolutely put a smile on your face! It will last ALL DAY too!

Adriana has said she will stay tomorrow morning till about 12 so there will be a chance for anyone with Friday off work to come and set themselves up for the weekend too! xx

Come and get her out of that chair and have some fun! xx

Im also around today, I've got a lot booked in but if you want me, call and I'll see what I can do! I'm available for Duo's - although Im not sure anyone can handle me and Adriana together! As well as Dom bookings!

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