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Oh Simonnnnnne & Lucy too!

Morning all

I hope you're bright and Perky this Morning, We certainly are!!!

Jessica is still around for anyone that just needs to see this amazing sexpot this morning, what a way to start the weekend.

Paige is around all day, with her irresistible.... well everything! Don't miss out!

Our 'Pin Up' Simone is also in from 10-6, who's doing to take her for a ride?

And last, but definitely not least The ever sexy, inked Lucy with legs that really do seem to go on forever will be around later on!

1-1, Duo, Nuru, Dom, what's on your mind this Friday?

Get in touch Now to avoid disappointment later. Pre booking is absolutely a thing and gives you something to look forward too! xx

In the mean time, we'll be entertaining... each other, ooo la la!!! xx

PLEASE remember that being polite, discreet and courteous to our neighbors is the single most important thing you need to remember, particularly early in the morning and late at night!

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