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On this weeks menu...

Morning guys.

Well the weather looks set to be... very un summer like again this week. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

This week's Schedule is up, timing tweaks and additions will be made throughout the week but there's something for everyone and Duo's will, of course, be available at various times / days this week.

Fabiana is around at the beginning of the week and she is proving to be extremely popular, so don't miss out there and the Laa Laa and her friend are coming to join us towards the end of the week and for the weekend.

I'll be around for all your Dominatrix needs, from tie and tease to something all together darker... If you've got the balls for it!

We can also offer you a nice slippery Nuru Massage too.

Chloe is around on Friday for all you BBW fans and the Lovely Lucy is in this weekend coming.

Don't be shy, give us a call and get booked in for a delicious treat for yourself! xx

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