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Ongoing renovations......

So you'll have seen that recently it's been a bit manic with us, with having to implement new safety protocols as well as welcome new courtesans joining regularly with new rotas! I know, we love it when there is change in the air!! But even for us thats a lot of 'new'....

Just because this didn't seem stressful enough (wait...what??) we've also decided to carry on with renovations, painting the flat and swapping out lots of stuff to make sure you get the best possible environment to relax and enjoy your time.

All this means that sometimes we're a bit delayed in getting back to you, or the rota is a day out or updated a bit more often than we'd like. However we wanted to say that we're doing all this to make sure you have the best time possible with the most exquisite company. So, please, bear with us and we'll get back to you.

Em xx

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