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Rota from Mon 6th December

Mon Aira & Angel 9.30am-4/5pm, Erin 4-10pm

Tues Olivia 10-4pm Aira 9-2pm Erin 3-9/10pm

Wed Aira & Angel 9.30am-3pm Olivia 3-9/10pm Chanelle 3.30-5.30pm

Thurs Lucy 10-6pm Olivia 10-4pm Chanelle 4-10pm

Fri Aira 10-2pm Lucy 10-6pm Rita 2-8.30pm

Sat Lucy 10-6pm Erin 4-10pm

Sun Rita 11-7pm Erin 3-9pm

Thanks guys

Please be aware we are a collaboration of independents as well as an agency so although most of our team set their fees at the rates we have others choose to charge slightly more. This freedom is something I feel is important to respect along with what services each offers. I do know Aira & Angel charge £80 for 30min instead of our usual £70. If you have any queries I'm happy to help 😊

Our apartment num is 07703187605 but you will reach me on 07756390805 thanks Emmy xx

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