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Saturday - at last!

Updated: Jun 3

Hi everyone

So Elle is taking a well earned day off today, But she'll be back tomorrow (Sunday) Raring to go! She's extended her tour but she's still not going to be around long guys, so feel free to pre book with us or her if you want to secure some time! x

So for all you Early Birds out there, the Electric Hayley, the perfect, naughty, girl next door, is available tomorrow morning until, well that's up to you guys, she's on the calendar till 1pm but if she's in demand, and she really should be looking at her, she might just stay a bit later. But that's up to you!

Then tonight, the sultry curvy Sapphire is back in, she's got some pre booked appointments already, but Im sure she'll do her best to make room for you if you've just got to have her! xx

So don't be shy! We certainly aren't x

Pick up the phone and make it happen xx

As usual best number to book one of these stunners on is the normal website number:

07703 187605

However should you get into any difficulties:


Hayley can be reached on: +44 (0) 7553 007145

Sapphire can be reached on: +44 (0) 7568 055805

To book with Elle directly it's: +44 (0) 7776628053 

Em x

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