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Sexy Brunettes?...

Ashton has been making a splash! Jeeeeeze, you're loving the latest beautiful, sexy young brunette on our team. Complimentary feedback & rebookings are testament to how friendly & sensual an attitude she has. No rush, lots of smiles & a hell of a dose of sex appeal. That's what I'm hearing. Anyone who hasn't yet had the pleasure she's in now until 2.30pm same as tomorrow. I'm sure duos with Adriana would be something rather special, even just the visual would be enough to finish most in seconds lol! 😋

I'm meeting another sexy brunette today late lunchtime. I'll blog 1st availability please don't start texting until she's here & I know more. Thanks

Erin is available from 3.30/4pm-v late today (another dinky young brunette) & I'm available too from 3ish xx

Em xx

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