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Shenanigans for the weekend anyone?

Hi guys (and girls).

Soooo. Saturday is upon us! Hard week? Frustrated? Lonely? All of the above? In need of something you can't get elsewhere? We're here for you!

We've got the one and only Adriana in from 12. What can be said about this utter stunner that hasn't been already? Well put it this way, if you've not spent any time with her, you're missing out, big time! If you have, you know why her time in the apartment always books up quickly. So don't wait, pick up the phone and make it happen gents!

She's going to be joined by Elle (with or without her male partner) dialing the weekend kink right up there. Give her a call on the apartment phone and discuss what you'd like to do with Elle on her own, or with her partner!!!

Elle and her partner are back again Sunday, if you miss out on Saturday or are busy, you've got another chance with her / them.

And the ever popular, sexy and mystifying Madame Emmy, is around from 4pm till late for anyone wanting to try her, special services. Forced Bi Cuckold sessions are also available from Madame Emmy for couple looking to try that kink. Call and discuss it with Emmy before booking so everyone is on the same page.

Again, Madame Emmy is a hugely popular Courtesan and her availability can disappear extremely quickly her regular clients like to keep her to themselves! So please book early to avoid disappointment.

If anything changes, or another Courtesan decides to pop in over the weekend. we'll keep you posted via the blog. But also keep your eye on our availability tab for the upcoming schedule! It makes things MUCH easier and we try to keep it up to date.

Have fun everyone. We know we will hehe xx

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