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So close...

Well I was almost out guys! But sadly be next week I'm out (one has a pesky blood clot in the lung.. no previous issues but was talked into the 1st shot. Ahem!! So may want to look into that & check the figures as it's unreal! Lisa Shaw was not a one off "rare case" that's for sure!!)

Anyway, health aside!

Tomorrow (thurs) we have luscious Lucy 10-2pm Sultry Simone 12-6pm & Juicy Jess 2-11pm around so get your fun booked in guys!!!

Fri Lucy & Jess.. two naughty blondes who really know their stuff

Sat Simone 12-8 & ROXY 10.30-5pm is back!!

Sun Simone 9-12midday & our African anal Queen Rita.

Enjoy guys! Xxx

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