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Stephanie & Leoni..

Hope you all had a great Christmas! I'm still away myself but I'm back tonight. Stephanie & Leoni are around today & tomorrow offering full GFE & Leoni special "BabyBump" GFE

Leoni has her rates set at £70 15min, £90 30min, £130 45min & £160hr but if you saw her last week at her original rates you can continue to book at that rate. Being pregnant her rates will increase slightly over the coming weeks. The rate you book will stay at that rate however. So if you find young pregnant girls a thing of beauty don't delay.

Stephanie is catering for you gentlemen who appreciate mature women. Experience really is a quality which can turn your session into a one you want to repeat.. again & again!

Stephanie charges £80 30min guys

Please call the apartment to book until after 6pm when I'm back from Edinburgh xx

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