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Such a perfect pair!

Hello everyone.

Yes that title is a minefield of double entendre but why not, it's all good fun!

Soo tomorrow, the lovely Hayley & Jessica are back at the apartment.

Hayley has been on to me today saying she's feeling greedy take that as you will but I'm sure it means you'll be in for an exceptional time! She's absolutely electric and the pictures we have don't do her justice! Hayley is around 1:30pm-8pm

The North East's hottest Blonde, Jessica is back, stunning as ever. She just said, 'how do you want me' with a naughty smile! She should be around from 1pm-8pm.

So as the Dynamic Blonde Duo are in, I guess Duo's are also available tomorrow!

For PRE BOOKINGS please call me on O7756390805.

But once the girls are in the apartment (1pm) you'd probably be better calling the number at the top of the page to book with the girls directly.

This should be the last day this will happen as the Apartment phone should be back up and running tomorrow. Then It will be a call to the bookings number above as normal, or the apartment phone, again as normal.

Thanks all. Em x

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