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Sunny Saturdays

Hi everyone.

So, the wonderful minx that is Teagan has decided to also be available on Saturday, please check the Calendar often to see any last min changes etc.

This is to give the guys that 'just couldn't make it during the week' a chance to spend some time with this incredibly popular Courtesan. Honestly guy's thought I'd seen it all, but I can confirm, this one is 'extra special', don't believe me, well shame on you, but make a booking ans see for yourself! xx

I'd get a call in quick if you want to secure a spot though.

Also please remember, time wasters will NOT be tolerated!

Then later we have the Curvy and fabulous Sapphire in the apartment. She's also had a popular week but negatively effected by TIME WASTERS, you have been warned.

So come cool off, or get steamy, with one of these two courtesans today (Saturday).


Em xx

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