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Updated: Jun 20

Hi everyone

So we've got the Superstars in the apartment today (Thursday)

Kicking off at 10am with the utterly gorgeous and extremely naughty Elle1980 This courtesan needs no introduction, those of you that have spent time with her before, you know exactly what I'm talking about.... For those of you that haven't yet spent and time with Ellw, you need to ask yourself why not......? No we can't think of a reason either, so get on the phone and make it happen! x

Then from 11am Manchester's finest English Leah is going to be in the apartment. She's even sent you some new pics to salivate over! But before you start to drool boys and girls, pick up the phone and get booked in. Don't wait, for either of these courtesans, as you may well find yourself disappointed, we wouldn't want that!

Last and definitely not least Sapphire is back in the apartment! She's our curvy queen of the courtesans and is ready to make you feel like a new man (or woman she doesn't discriminate!

The Calendar, is always a good place to look to see who's going to be in when so keep checking with that - note English Leah is around from 7am Friday morning for anyone looking to start the day with an extra spring in their step! lol x

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