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Thank u team!!!

Just wanting to say how proud i am of our little team. Each individual, each adding different qualities & attributes. Getting to know each of you're own unique working styles & personalities & our business evolving as a result.

I've never claimed to be perfect but my goal from the start & initial ambition based with altruistic motivation. To create a home from home, a safe & clean environment where each member is more than a name on a rota.

Given we have a 100% safety record (i attribute that not only to our rigorous screening & booking policies but to our wonderful loyal clientele)

Courtesan of the Month has always been private between ourselves & announced on our team chat (the Courtesan with the best feedback, reliability & general helping others on team) i spend £50 on & treat to hair/skin/makeup depending what they choose. I will now blog who wins & tell you why.

Obviously its cold/flu season so as always our attitude to hygiene is of paramount importance! Rest assured each room has an antibac spray & we understand the importance of having the place cleaned thoroughly!

Hope you like the changes we've made! Initial feedback been worth the upheaval!


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