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The early bird....

Hi everyone.

So I've been chatting to the girls and we have decided that on some days during the week. We are going to offer appointments from 7 / 7:30am. So if you'd like a little bit of something before work, we can help you with that x

These appointments will be on selected days only (not every day) by prior arrangement only and a deposit will be taken at the time of the booking (to be discussed with your courtesan on the phone) before any appointment will be confirmed.

Please note if anyone, at any time, just turns up to the apartment and expects to just get in if we are free, you will be turned away. This is something we cannot have, especially at unsociable hours, but it will be the case at any time. Please call and arrange a booking before hand, even if it's 10 min before hand (if we are not busy) we can facilitate that. But do not call from the car park or, outside of the building, if you do not already have an appointment! Also on arrival please do not let the door slam. Close it gently, there are other people to consider. Many thanks!

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