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Monday & The Week ahead!

Updated: Jun 17

Hi everyone.

Thought I'd get this done before the Football starts! Hopefully England fair better than Scotland did! Apsara was very upset about that result, She really likes one of the Scotland players!

Anyway We're off to a very strong, high quality start. Teagan is in the apartment from 10am - 10pm! She went down VERY well last week. She's a tiger! she's stunning, and she REALLY knows what she's doing. The feedback I've had has blown me away! She's not to be missed. She's kink and fetish friendly and she's a 1-1 type of girl. But my word, she'll blow you away!

Teagan  is also in on Friday, please check the calendar for any last min changes. Also, do you think Teagan could be a candidate for rear of the week? more on that to follow in future blogs!

Joining  Teagan  on Monday is everyone's ultimate brunette babe Elle1980 What can I say guys, she's toned, tanned, naughty (as fuck! lol) and she takes pride in her appearance, perfect every time and she will leave you barely able to walk out of the apartment by the time she's finished with you. There's an offer you can't refuse!

 Elle1980 is also in on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week. She won't be around long though,  Elle1980 like's a tour, so don't wait, get in, and come back, while you can! x

We've got more surprises and some absolute premier class girls visiting this week, so  check the calendar regularly, the girls AW info will be in the blogs but it's also on the calendar, should you want to pre book to make sure you don't miss out on spending time with your favorite courtesan or courtesans! x

The booking / apartment phone is in the apartment, Im sure the courtesans will check any messages when they arrive or after they have finished a booking, or get their AW info from the calendar or the blogs and contact your chosen courtesan(s) directly!

Don't think about it too long, you'll miss them! xx

Em x

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