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This coming week, 29th - 6th!

Updated: Jul 31

Hi guys.

So, this week I'm away with family. But there will be girls available all week. Please see the availability tab on the website to find out who is in when. It will be updated as and when I know who is going to be in.

PLEASE CALL / TXT THE APARTMENT NUMBER 07563 282776 to book this week or you will most likely be disappointed as I will not be answering the other phone.

Laa Laa is available until Tuesday Morning and the fabulous Fabiana is here Mon-Sat. Lucy is available this weekend also. More to follow. Please check the availability tab for more info or call the Apartment on the above number! xx

Don't worry though, there will be plenty of fun to be had! xx

UPDATE: I've called into a pub and got some wifi, there's no signal where I'm staying and it's bliss. I've updated the availability for this week. It may change but if you call the APARTMENT NUMBER 07563 282776 one of the girls will fill you in as to who is available for you.

Have fun guys. xx

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