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Updated: Mar 30

Mon, Natalia 9.30-7/8pm Simone 11-5pm Emmy 5-late

Tues, Natalia 9.30-6 (possibly til 9pm please check with her on the apartment line) Lucy 10-2pm, Simone 3-9pm

Wed Natalia 9.30-6pm, Lucy 10-2pm, Erin 5ish-late

Thurs, Erin 11am-late, Emmy 1.30pm-6pm, Jessica

Fri Erin 9.30-11am, Simone 11-5pm, Emmy 2-10pm, Jessica

Sat tbc

Sun Adriana 11-7/8pm Simone 11-5pm Emmy 5-11pm

Weekend to be arranged xx

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