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This week just keeps getting better, Welcome Back Elle!

Updated: May 29

Hi guys.

So I have just been chatting to the Lovely Elle1980 and thought I'd blog this now while it's still fresh in my mind (because I probably would forget otherwise lol) xx She's going to be in the apartment from 10am tomorrow and just check out the Calendar for her other dates, they stretch into next week for those who can't make it till then x

This absolutely stunning local girl who's been touring for what seems like months (no it's actually been months) is back! We don't quite know how long for, I guess it depends on how busy you guys keep her! x

Elle has sent over a new picture for you all to see too, I told her straight up when I saw it, 'Oh you absolute tease' Trust me, her tits and body are to die for, you will not be disappointed x

Elle charges slightly higher rates than the usual DC girls, however, we are a group of independents and as such the girls are free to set their prices at whatever they would like. Elle also offers more in terms of services, CIM anyone and more! check out her AW profile for more information xx

30 mins with Elle is £100 and an hour £200.

So form an orderly queue guys and girls (we wouldn't want to exclude you) and sample one of the best in the business. xx

To book with Elle directly it's: +44 (0) 7776628053 But you can also ring the website number at the top of the page!!

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