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This week's availability

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Mon -Aira & Angel 10-5pm, Erin 4-10pm

Tues- Chanelle 9.30-3 45pm, Aira 9.30-3pm, OLivia 3-10pm

Wed- Aira 9.30am-3pm, Rita 11-6pm, Olivia 3-10pm

Thurs- Lucy 11-5pm Chanelle 5-10pm

Fri- Chanelle 9.30-2 30pm, Aira 9.30-3pm, Olivia 3-10pm, Lucy 3-10pm

Sat- Lucy 11-4pm Olivia 3-10pm

Sun- Rita 12-9.30pm

I will update once I know what days Leoni wants & to add Erin's other days thanks 😊


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