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Thrilling Thursday! Saying hello to the weekend early!

Updated: Mar 7

UPDATE Apsara is coming in this evening and is staying over if anyone would like to take advantage? Call! She will also be available for Early Bird Bookings - see the new blog for more information! xx

Hi everyone.

Soooo Tomorrow is going to be quite the day!

The amazingly sexy Lucy is ch-assaying in tomorrow. She'll be around most of the day, She's available for 1-1 and Duo bookings. Lucy is looking incredible at the moment and our ink queen has all the skills in her toolbox to have you begging for more... every time! She's also great craic, which is never a bad thing! x

Im around (Madame Emmy) from dinnertime till 6pm. Im still feeling really fresh from my holiday and am Fully prepared for Dom and Duo bookings. If you're brave enough to try me. Or if you're a regular, it's going to be your last change this week to spend some time with me. So what's it going to be boys?

Last but definitely not least, the best arse in the business (the rest of her is absolutely stunning too though, flawless) the one and only, Adriana is going to be around tomorrow afternoon and evening for well... you! She's available 1-1 and as a duo too. For those of you reading this that have spent some time with this cracker before, you know I'm not exaggerating while writing this. For those of you who haven't met Adriana yet... you really should!

I guess there's also even the possibility of a Trio tomorrow.... Just sayin' xx

So guys, a couple of points. The good one first, As our 45 min and 1 hour duo specials have been going down so well, we have decided to continue them for a little while longer! So there's never been a better time to try one if you've not before, or if you have, to treat yourself.

The not so good one now, (but it's not a massive problem with a little bit of thought and co operation) could we possibly ask that you do not loiter around the front door, call us when you are in the car park and only come and buzz when you are told to. In addition to this could you PLEASE carefully close the door behind you, rather than letting it just clash closed. This is particularly important early in the morning and on an evening, but really we'd like all clients to do this at all times. To be mindful of our neighbors. Thanks for your understanding everyone!

So with that being said, bookings tomorrow WILL disappear FAST. Pre bookings are also becoming extremely popular with some of you (we like this as we know where we are with things) so call early to avoid disappointment!

Pick up the phone and make it happen!

We get last min changes sometimes (we try to keep these to a minimum) so if you are chancing a last minute booking, please do check the blogs and the Calendar so you know who to ask for when calling!

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