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Thursday and Saturday Specialty!! UPDATE

He everyone.

Ive just been talking to Millie and she's really happy, so you guys that have seen her must be doing something right!

She's almost fully booked for today, she only has 2 slots available, one this afternoon and one this evening. So if you've been thinking about wanting to spend some time with her today I'd get in sharpish!

Honestly, she's like a (wet) dream guys, I thought I'd seen it all in this industry but Millie has really surprised me. She's SOOOOOO fit, HOT as... well you know, and she's up for just about anything. I might even have to book her myself so I can get to sample just how good she tastes... xx

With that said though, I know I said we had some possibilities for the weekend, well Millie has said she will be in from mid/late afternoon right up until LATE saturday evening, if any of you gents, or ladies, would like to spend some time relaxing or getting sweaty with her now that England are playing on Sunday! It's the perfect excuse to spoil yourselves with our newest Courtesan who, judging by the feedback we are getting from her, is doing an excellent job.

So don't hang around guys, or you might end up missing out!

News just in: Sapphire is joining in on the fun both tonight & Sunday! So if any of you want to spend some time with our curvy queen then get in touch to secure your spot. Sapphire does have some pre bookings already, but she's got room left on her schedule for you, just try not to all rush at the last min, to avoid disappointment x

Have fun, Em xx

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