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Thursday fun! Teagan & Apsara!

Morning all.

Running a bit late with the blog today, but it's here for you, in time for the girls arriving for 10am!

Not gonna lie guys...  Teagan has pre bookings for most of the day! However she does have some time in the early evening available from 5 - 8:30 for those deviants of you that have 'just got to have her.' Not that we'd blame you! However if something during the day suits you better  Teagan will be back next week and would be happy to take pre bookings for then, Call her for more information.

To book with Teagan directly it's: 07518125178

Apsara is back in today, she was also really busy yesterday!

The phone has literally not stopped, again!

Remember boys & girls, she's basically got 0 gag reflex! don't believe us, she'll happily demonstrate. Apsara is naturally submissive and is happy for you to 'be in control' (don't take the piss though) or she can offer a more classic 'girlfriend experience' if you so desire!

To get in touch directly with Apsara on: 07782133835.

Elle1980 will be back tomorrow too, She's got some pre bookings herself so if you're desperate to get some action with her and those exquisite Boobs, best bet is to pre book today then you're not taking a gamble tomorrow for a last min appointment

After the issues with Elle over the past few days, beware of imitations!

To book with Elle directly it's: 07776628053

PLEASE keep you eyes peeled on the Calendar and the blogs for more exciting updates and to see who's in when.

PLEASE also be aware, anyone who turns up the the apartment without a booking and rings the bell 'to see if anyone is free now' will be BARRED. This is not a turn up on the off chance. We don't mind a call of 'I'm just round the corner is anyone available now' but that's the way it has to be. By the way you'll be lucky if anyone is free, but it's always worth the call to check! DO NOT just 'show up!'

Have fun you Deviants...

I know the girls will!

Em x

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