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Thursday Specials - Don't miss out!

Well hello guys. So today, we have a change to the schedule! It's all go in here I can tell you lol.

So English Leah is still with us, full day today and if you can handle it, with a twist... more to follow.... keep reading.

We also have the Lovely Lucy in the apartment tomorrow..... keep going

Last but not least, The one and only Madame Emmy is around too.... It's coming we promise.....


We've decided that for regular clients. if you'd like a Duo with any combination of the 3 of us, well we'll let you have that at our special January only discounted rate!!

For more info please see this blog

So what's your excuse now? this sort of thing doesn't happen very often, so it's best to take the opportunity while you can. Pick up the phone and make it happen!!

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