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Thursday treat anyone?

Updated: Jun 3

Hi everyone

So Thursday brings the absolutely gorgeous sex pot Elle1980 back on the second day of her tour! She was.... rather popular so if you fancy a bit of that... and we wouldn't blame you for that at all, I mean look at those amazing boobs! 😜 You know what to do. For more info on Elle please check out THIS BLOG POST

To book with Elle directly it's: +44 (0) 7776628053 But you can also ring the website number at the top of the page!!

Then later on in the day, and into the night The delightful, Sapphire is Back in the building! It would simply be rude to leave her to her own devices... who knows what would happen!? hehe.

Anyway Im sure you'd rather do those things you're thinking.... with Sapphire..

Call the bookings number 07703 187605 or call Sapphire direct on: +44 (07568) 055805 to secure yourself some time with her for a bit of TLC! x

Keep an eye on the Calendar! to see who's around when! Remember Pre Bookings are definitely a thing! A good thing xx If you want to see a particular girl at a particular time, then call the bookings number 07703 187605 or call them direct, numbers are available on various blogs.

Em xx

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